Fairies and Gnomes

GlitZGlam introducing a brand new line of fairies and gnomes for the enchanted garden. The line consists of beautiful garden fairies and gnomes and miniature garden accessories. The first fairy designed in this line is Emma. Emma is an adorable miniature garden fairy wearing a leaf green top, pink skirt and matching pink flower headband and of course a set of beautiful wings. She is a great friend for your garden fairies and gnomes figures. She even gets along perfectly well with pixies and sprites and always rule out their naughty tricks.

Another main character in the fairies and gnome line is the warrior gnome. The warrior gnome is the protector of the garden fairies and gnomes and guardian of the enchanted creatures in gnome land. There are many choices for garden gnomes for sale but the warrior gnome tops them all!

The warrior garden gnome also watches over a collection of baby gnomes designed and manufactured by GlitZGlam. Take BO the rainbow baby gnome for example: this adorable bundle of joy is one of six children in the GlitZGlam Baby Gnome family. Bo was born with a rainbow hat and matching pacifier.

Other items in this line includes an enchanted miniature grandpa tree, miniature wishing well, fairy bistro tea set, mini garden furniture, swing and slide set and even a unicorn!

Fairies and gnomes make for a beautiful enchanted garden as garden fairies and gnomes bring in the charm, magic and good vibes. They are ideal for a fairy garden, miniature garden, enchanted garden, your home, office, on a shelf next to you while you work and as a wonderful gift.