She is so adorable. She is small but that’s what I expected I am building her a crib for my gnome garden. I instantly ordered Toby the boy! So friggin cute…. Can’t stand it!


Wonderful product
Very well crafted
Will add a lot to grand daughters fairy garden
Thanks so much

stephen taylor burt

Super cute and perfect size for my daughter’s lizard terrarium! Makes a cute addition to the bottom of the terrarium since the lizards spend all their time at the top!

Laura K. Leckman

We bought this set for our Tooth Faiey to sit and have tea after a long night picking up teeth. My doughter love this set. Its vert beautifully made. She is now borrowing this from her Tooth Fairy and are using it with her toys.

Goril Lynghaug

Emma the Sitting Garden Fairy is a cute addition to my Grand Daughter’s Fairy Garden. While she is made of resin to make her weather resistant, it is rather brittle, and breaks easily. It would be nice if she were made from a more impact resistant material. Her leg that hangs down, broke, and has been repaired. Considering all the materials available for outside use, surely she could have been made to last a little longer..